Lovely surroundings of the Road SANTIAGO'S ROAD, between Samos and Sarria (Galicia).

We hospitality in a family atmosphere, guests and pilgrims from around the world, Walking the French Way to Santiago de Compostela or start from Sarria.

From O Cebreiro and after leaving the council of Triacastela, Samos the Way to go through the Royal Abbey of Samos, BIC memorial and important landmark of the French Way, and the center Samos villa. We then headed down the road to Gorolfe at km. 124,177.

PILGRIMS AND bicigrinos

Casa de Diaz is on the Camino de Santiago passes by Vilachá a 350 m. from Gorolfe. For pilgrims bike we provide a guard space bicycles, peacefully to enjoy your rest in our hotel. For pilgrims on horseback, We have a closed meadow.

COMPOSTELA | Credential Peregrino

Casa de Diaz issued the credential for the Compostela, which it is the accreditation of having walking tour to the least recent 100 Km. of the Camino de Santiago. It is demonstrated have done, taking the Credential Peregrino duly stamped along the route in hotels, iglesias, shelters, cathedrals, councils, etc.


Sarria is usually the starting point chosen by a large number of pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago and thus cover the last 100 kilometres, mandatory for obtaining Compostela, reason for which Hotel Casa Diaz It provides a good break before, preparing the challenge, in a quiet environment and in contact with nature.